IOC97: 10 medals again in the 12th Lombardy Cup. Mattia Redaelli defeated in the 1/16 finals in u.21 EC of Leibnitz.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015 07:13

Manerba del Garda (BS), Jun. 6th/7th 2015. 10 meals again for IOC97-ASD players in the 12th edition of 'Lombardy Cup'. Alexandru Comerzan (es/b -40 kg), Cristiana Fiorentini (ju/se -52) and Gianluca Ghidini (ju-se -90 kg) conquered the gold medal, Alessandro Spada (es/b -55) placed second, while Giorgia Gualtieri (es/b -57), Onda Giordano (ca -48) Daniele Masone (ju/se -66), Francesca Tessera (es/b -44), Matteo Catacchio (es/b -55), Andrea Redaelli (es/b -60) won the bronze medal. Only Nicolò Zaninello (es/b -50 kg) didn't succed in reachind the podium.

Leibnitz (AUT) Jun. 6th 2015. Mattia Redaelli, at his 2nd experience in u.21 European Cup, in the -66 kg division, was defeated by the home player Tobias Weixelbaumer, then eliminated by the brasilian Daniel Cargnin.