7 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals in Paullo and Castelletto Ticino.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016 06:34

Castelletto T. (NO), apr. 17th 2016. At PalAmico Sporthall of Castelletto upon Ticino 6 medals for the youngsters of Isao Okano Club 97-ASD in the u.18's and u.15's divisions of the 7th International trophy 'Lago Maggiore'. Among u.18's Onda Giordano (-48 kg) and Andrea Fascinato (-73) went up on the higher step of the podium, while Giorgia Gualtieri (-57) conquered the bronze medal. 

Among u.15's division, on the contrary, all gold medals for Diego Brambilla's players who win all their category with Francesca Tessera (-48 kg), Alexandru Comerzan (-45) and Andrea Redaelli (-66). Only Matteo Catacchio (ca, -60 kg) didn't succeed in catching a medal today.

Paullo (MI), apr. 16th 2016. 2 gold and 1 silver medals is the result of seniors players fighting in the 8th International Trophy 'Città di Paullo'. It was impossible to do better owing that in the juniors/seniors -73 kg division the final was among the IOC97 players: Alfredo Mezzadra (gold) and Mattia Galbiati (silver), who was fighting in the higher category as usual. The other gold medal came thenk to the win of Valeria Raimondi among women in the ju/se -63 kg division.