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Valeria Raimondi and Mattia Galbiati sambo italian champions. Miranda Giambelli stopped in the 1/8 of IJF Grand Slam in Baku. 8 times on the podium for the younsters in the 4th Trophy 'Battaglia dei Giganti'.

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Genoa, may 9th 2015. In R105 Palace very important performance in the sambo seniors national championships for Isao Okano Club players: Valeria Raimondi (+56 kg division) and Mattia Galbiati (-68) confirmed italian champs rispectively for the 3rd and 2nd times in a row! To the gold medals we must add the silver of Carlo Chiavenna in the -90 kg division, already vicechamp last year but in the higher division .

Baku (AZE),may 10th 2015. Miranda Giambelli didn't go beyond the 1/8 in the judo Grand Slam of Baku, Judo World Tour senior competition valid for the olympic qualification to Rio 2016. The player coached by Diego Brambilla was defeated by Anastasya Dmentieva from Russia in the -78 kg division. At the moments Miranda with 251 pts. is ranked 15th, and if she will mantained or get better during the next year she will be qualified.

Riozzo (MI), may 9th-10th 2015. All podiums for the 8 players of IOC97 competing in the 4th judo national trophy for younsters 'Battaglia dei Giganti'. 4 golds were conquered by Francesca Tessera (es/b -44 kg), Alexandru Comerzan (es/b -40), Matteo Catacchio (es/b -55) and Andrea Redaelli (es/b -60), who defeated all their opponents by ippon. 2 silver medals went to Simone Breggè (es/a -45), at his 1st competition, and Onda Giordano (ca -48 kg), while 2 bronzes were won by Giacomo Scarsetto (es/a -36, 2nd competition), and Nicolò Zaninello (es/b -50), at his 1st competition too.

Kaunas (LTU), may 10th 2015. In the Junior European Cup of Kaunas bronze medal for Davide Pozzi. The palyer of Polisportiva Besanese who trains at Isao Okano Club 97 reached the podium of -100kg division after 4 win and 1 lost.