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Gianluca Ghidini nronze medallist in the u.21 national championships. Miranda Giambelli stopped by Steenhuis in the IJF GP of Zagreb. Francesco Mosca third in 'Tre Castelli' tournament in Bellinzona.

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Conversano (BA), may 2nd 2015. Gianluca Ghidini conquered a very important bronze medal in the u.21 judo national championships in the -90 kg division. The player of Isao Okano Club 97-ASD beated in the eliminatory rounds Michelis (Imperia) and Buzzacarin (Siena) ippon, and Mancini (Spello), waza ari. In the semifinal, maybe a little bit worried, he stopped against Rollo (Romae), but then he won again with Berbatti (Settimo T.se) by ippon in the bronze medal match For Gianluca a heavy medal in an important championships that is a prize to his training and research of the podium.

Not so good performance for the vicechamp 2014 Mattia Redaelli (-66 kg) who, aftyer a bye, beated Hrustic (Rome) ippon, but then was defeated by Di Capua (neaples) in the 1/8 of final. On sunday same story for the othe player of Isao Okano in Conversano, Sara La Gamba (cadette italian champ last year), who paid the double change of class and weight division. Closed in a very tough poule in the -57 kg division she won the 1st round against Giaconella (Bari), but the she was beated by Boi (Rome), senior vicechamp 2014 and then winner of this competition, and then by the strong Fiora (Parma) in the repechage. To underline the silver medal of another player coached by Diego Brambilla at Isao Okano Club, Davide Pozzi (Polisportiva Besanese), second in the -100 kg division.

In the pictures the podium of -90 kg division with Ghidini on the right.

Conversano Ghidini 1 Conversano Ghidini 1    Conversano Ghidini podio Conversano Ghidini podio


Zagreb (CRO), may 3rd 2015. Miranda Giambelli was on sunday in her first world Grand Prix of judo -78 kg division, but she was stopped by Steenhuis from the nederlands, than 5th. Miranda collected some more point on the road to Rio 2016. Next competition in 7 days in Baku (AZE) for the Grand Slam.

Bellinzona (SUI), may 2nd 2015. In the swiss ranking tournament 'Città dei 3 Castelli' Francesco Mosca classified 3rd in the elite -81 kg division. For him 4 win and 1 loss that put him on the podium for the bronze medal. 5th place on the contrary for the other judoka Isao Okano Club, fighting in the elite -63 kg division, Giada Chioso.